Rental Agreement

Last updated: November 30, 2012


By confirming your online reservation, you acknowledge that you have reviewed and accept Mango Bay’s rental agreement.


Payment of deposits by guest or guest's agent constitutes acceptance and confirmation by the guest and guest's agent of the deposit and cancellation and use policies, restrictions, and additional information given in this Rental Agreement. If a credit card is used by guest or guest's agent for advance deposits or payments, guests and guest's agent hereby agree to have the advance deposits and payments listed in the guest's confirmation charged to the credit card, and further agree that said amounts shall be subject to the deposit and cancellation policies given in this Rental Agreement. Any changes in the deposit and cancellation and use policies are effective only if executed in writing by the owner of Mango Bay Grenada.

Guest is responsible for payment of all nights confirmed, regardless of guest's late arrival or early departure date.

If all Deposit or Balance Due payments are not received by the due dates given on this Confirmation, this reservation will be considered cancelled under the terms and conditions provided herein and are subject to the following deposit and cancellation policies.

The term "occupant" or "occupants" as used in this Rental Agreement includes the registered guest and all other persons who occupy the hotel room.



Current rates for a night’s stay are published on Mango Bay Grenada’s website and are subject to change without notice.

Rates include up to two (2) adult guests. Additional guests will be charged $25 per night. Children under 12 years of age are not included in these charges.


Check In and Check Out Time

Check-in at 2 pm; Check-out at 11 am. Early check-in times can be requested but will not be guaranteed. Departures after 5 pm will be charged for an additional night.


Deposit Policy

At the time of booking,30% of entire reservation will be collected, final payment is due upon arrival. Payment can be made online by credit card through our reservation system or via PayPal.


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received within 21 days prior to arrival date of reservation will forfeit the entire deposit, unless the property is re-occupied for the entire amount of the original booking. Guests are responsible for all nights reserved. Individuals shall not be relieved of any portion of their reservation due to weather, flight cancellations or any travel related or other issues which may arise and which are not under control of Mango Bay Grenada. Refunds will not be made for late arrival or early departure.



Each day Mango Bay Grenada will make the beds, replenish supplies, replace towels and sweep as necessary. Linens will be replaced every three (3) days. Please contact the staff if you require additional housekeeping services.



Breakfast is available to purchase at Mango Bay Grenada daily for $10 per guest.


Agents Right of Entry

An authorized employee or repairman may enter the premises at any time in order to inspect, repair, and maintain the unit and in order to confirm that the unit is being used in accordance with the terms of these policies.



Occupant is liable for any damages to the premises and to the furnishings, equipment, and/or household items therein which occurred during occupancy, excluding normal wear and tear. Please report any damages to your unit during your stay before departure.


Incidental Charges

Upon check in, occupants will be required to leave a credit card on file for any incidental charges. We accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. Otherwise occupants will be asked to leave a cash deposit equal to one nights occupancy fee.


Termination of Occupancy

Please be a good neighbor and be considerate. Mango Bay expressly reserves the right to terminate, at any time, your occupancy of your unit, and to evict you from the unit, in the event that complaints are lodged which indicate that you are disturbing other guests. In that event, you will also forfeit all monies previously paid to Mango Bay.


Pet Policy

Mango Bay allows pets on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact staff for additional information.


Smoking Policy

Smoking is allowed in designated smoking areas.  Please contact staff for additional information.