Does The Film ‘Joker’ Show What Can Happen If Someone Was Abused As A Child?

A few days ago I had the chance to watch ‘Joker’ and I must say that this was an intense film. I thought the story was solid, the acting was stupendous, and the score worked nicely too.

Unlike so many of the other superhero films, this was very lifelike. I would even go as far as to say that if someone didn’t know that the Joker was from a comic book before they watched the film, they might not realise that his was the case after they had watched the film.

Spoiler Alert

So if you haven’t watched the film but plan to, JOKER123 I suggest that you stop reading now as I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. One thing that surprised me about this film was that it was only a 15 rating.

I thought it could have easily been an 18 rating. However, considering how easy it is for anyone, no matter how old they are, to see just about anything online, having a higher rating probably wouldn’t do much.

One Last Thing

One thing I will say is that if you had a traumatic childhood and/or have mental and emotional problems, it might not be a good idea for you to watch this film. If you do, you could be in for a rough ride while you watch it and for a little while afterwards.

This is due to how lifelike this film is and the themes that are touched upon throughout the film. Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the film.

Let’s begin

In the first part of the film, Arthur Fleck does his best to earn a living by dressing up as a clown. This is not something that he is very successful at, though, with their being one moment when his sign is stolen and he ends up getting beaten up by the group of boys that stole it.

Not only does he get beaten up and totally humiliated, his boss doesn’t believe that this happened and accuses him of stealing the sign. Shortly after this, one of his colleagues helps him out by giving him a gun so that he can protect himself.

It’s Short-Lived

While Arthur is performing front of children at a hospital, the gun ends up falling out of his trousers. This doesn’t do him any favours and, if I remember rightly, I think this causes him to lose his job.

It is also around this time that he finds out from his social worker that the funding is being cut back. This will mean that he will no longer be able to see her or to receive all of the medication that he needs in order to function.

His Home Life

Arthur lives at home with his mother, who he also has to take care of. One of the things that he mother mentions on a number of occasion is Thomas Wayne, with this being someone who she used to work for when she was younger.

Due to his wealth and influence, she wants him to run for mayor. She is convinced that he is the only person who can save Gotham City.

It All Changes

Arthur has a condition where he often laughs uncontrollably (Pseudobulbar affect) and this results in three men picking a fight with him on a train. He ends up getting hit a few times, but as he has a gun, he is able to put an end to this.

The trouble is that he ends up killing each of these men and this is when everything starts to really kick off in Gotham. Still, Arthur is not really fazed by what has happened and carries on as normal.

The Truth Comes Out

His mother gives Arthur a letter to post and he ends up reading it. To his surprise, it says that Thomas Wayne is his father.

Arthur pays a visit to his father’s home, but the only people that he talks to is his butler, Alfred and his son, Bruce. After this, he sneaks into a concert hall to try to find out why his father didn’t try to contact him and this is when he is told that he is not his father.

A Massive Shock

He is also told that his mother is basically mad and that he was adopted. Arthur can’t accept this, so he ends up going to what appears to be a mental asylum to find out about what the truth is.

After his mothers records are found, he is told that is mother as diagnosed as having narcissistic personality disorder and that he was adopted. Furthermore, he finds out that he was heavily abused by his mother’s boyfriend and that his mother didn’t do anything about it.

The Light Is On

Before long, Arthur goes to the hospital and kills his mother with the help of a pillow. Based on how he reacts afterwards, it would be easy to assume that he has just done something positive.

He is happy about what he has just done, with his response to killing his mother being no different to what the average person’s response would be like if they had just killed a fly. To the outside observer, he looks like a human being but what is clear is that he is missing the human element.

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